File Preparation—what we need from you:

Our mission is to provide you with quality printing, on time, every time. Because the print process

begins with you, we need your help to achieve this goal. When submitting jobs, please review the
checklist below. Any omission of these important steps may cause a delay in your proof or final product,and may also incur additional charges to your bill.

All supplied materials must be in digital format, CMYK, 300 dpi. All graphic links and fonts must be provided unless type has been converted to outlines.

If you are supplying a pdf it must be press-ready, fonts embedded. Files may be supplied by FTP, CD, DVD or email (please call for details).

PLEASE NOTE: Microsoft Word & Excel files are acceptable for text only. Images to be included in a job should be sent as separate files to be placed where needed by one of our designers into an appropriate page layout program.

Below is a list of acceptable applications from which we are able to output plates.

We are Mac-based, but are able to use cross-platform software. Please ask the designer.

• Adobe InDesign up to CS6
• Adobe Illustrator up to CS6
• Quark XPress up to v9.5
• Adobe Photoshop up to CS6
• Adobe Acrobat up to v8

(This checklist is also available as a downloadable pdf - click here to download.)

  • Are all colours correctly defined? (note: only one version of each colour in the document for spot colours, also, no extra colours in the document that are not printed, also, ensure all spot colours are converted to CMYK for four-colour printing)
  • Are bleeding areas extended 1/8” (.125) beyond the page edge (for all sides that bleed)
  • Are all photos at the proper resolution and in the proper mode? (photographs: 300 dpi (at final print size), CMYK, grayscale, line art: 1200 dpi. ALWAYS use .tif, .psd, .eps or .ai formats for images. Scans printing in 4 colours are CMYK – NOT RGB.
  • Set .tif background fills to “white” or “paper” unless you have used a clipping path to define the image
  • Are all graphics/images linked and NOT embedded
  • Are all strokes or rules defined as .25 (NOT hairlines)
  • Are folds accurately measured and panels set up accordingly?
  • Have you done a spell-check and edited for typos etc?
  • All type converted to outlines in any .eps, .ai or psd file supplied?
  • All Acrobat files should be provide WITH bleed, and WITH registration marks


  • A final laser print of your file(s), at 100% size if possible, showing everything as you’d like it to print. (if your piece folds or is double-sided, please create a full mock-up)
  • Separation layers, showing your file separated into the correct spot or process colours.
  • Native files on disk including the following:
  • All fonts used in your layout file.
  • All fonts used in EPS graphics (unless you’ve converted type to outlines)
  • All linked graphics


  • PDF file (press ready – call for further details)

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us

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